Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My trip to Washington D.C.

Hello everybody!

As I told you in my last post, in May I went on a trip to the United States. I had already been there, in New York to be precise, and I was already in love with the States.. but my love for the US became even bigger when I went to Washington DC.
Washington is certainly known by everyone. It’s the capital of the United States and so Obama, the “President of the United States of America”, lives there in the beautiful and impressive White House.

I was blown away by the beauty and kindness of the National Capital. The streets are big, really clean and flower-beds with colorful flowers are everywhere.
I expected a busy and chaotic city, thinking about my experience in New York, because Washington is a big city of incredibly relevance.. but in fact it’s a quiet city with not that much traffic. Speaking about that, as a consequence of the lack of too much traffic, I noticed that the air is very clean and fresh, something that I really appreciated since the air you breathe in my town is not exactly spotless.

As I said few lines above, I was impressed also by the fondness of this city. Well, I think I’ve never been treated better in my life! I can’t even count the times that strangers have asked me “How are you today?”, “How are you doing?” or the times they just said “Have a great day” to me. Here, at home, I’m not used to that politeness and so during the all week I felt incredibly happy and now I miss Washington even more.

I visited some museums in The Mall and I was surprised that such incredible museums were completely free.  I also visited the most interesting buildings in this city: the White House, Capitol City, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

Moreover, if we talk about shopping, I went crazy with that there. Everything there cost less compared to Italy (where I live) and so I bought lost of things that here I can’t find or things that here cost a lot more!
In my advice, the best shopping you can do there is in Georgetown. Georgetown is an old looking area of the city where you can find every shop that you’re interested in. Furthermore, it’s a gorgeous area with characteristic restaurants and streets full of life.

Now I leave you with some pictures that I took there with my iPhone (‘cause since I went shopping a lot it wasn’t very comfortable going around with a big and heavy DLS camera).


I thoroughly recommend you to visit this city, even if it’s just for few days. You won’t regret it!

Love, Elisa

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